Greatest comeback of the year

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Fourteen runs, twenty hits, one error and ten innings is what it took for the Yankees to beat the Minnesota Twins in game two of a three-game set in the Minnesota. 

The Yankees needed Domingo German to pitch better than CC the night before and it was clear that he had nothing last night. The home plate umpire’s inconsistent strike zone didn’t help either but you have to work with what you are given.  He only lasted 3.2 innings and I think Aaron Boone left him in a batter or two too long in hopes to steal a full inning from him. The offense should not have had to try to outscore their own pitching which has been the theme of the last two games. It’s a shame because before landing on the Injured List, German has been pretty close to what Luis Severino would have given us. When David Hale was brought in to relieve German, many fans pretty much gave up because they forgot that this team leads the majors in comeback wins this season.

Gary Sanchez is in a bad slump. Since June 23, he is hitting .118/.194/.176. To make things worse for him, he has been placed on the Injured List for a groin issue he suffered in the 8th inning on trying to run out a ground ball. I am a fan of Gary, and it may just be me, but I feel like the whole “yeah but he is hitting the ball hard at someone” is overused because it was the theme of his season last year. Gary has swung at horrible pitches which expands the strike zone for him. I tweeted last night that I felt that Austin Romine should start tonight’s game to give Gary a mental break but, this Injured List stint may be a blessing in disguise. I’m not happy the guy is injured because his presence is huge in the lineup, slump or not. I am fully expecting El Gary to return to himself when he returns from the IL.

Kyle Higashioka has been called up in Gary’s place and Romine will be manning the rotation and bullpen until Sanchez is ready to return. Austin’s numbers are .244/.262/.328 and also hit two home runs in 123 plate appearances. The Yankees also optioned Jonathan Holder to Triple-A and called up Nestor Cortes Jr.

I don’t know about you, but I felt tired after that game. It was draining seeing almost every pitcher that the Yankees had, besides Kahnle, have men on base and give up at least a run. I don’t know what it is about that ballpark, but the balls were popping off the bat hard. You can argue that the balls are “juiced”, but it seemed like something was different last night. It was pretty crazy that the Yankees needed 14 runs to win the game but it’s why we love this game right? All the emotions that one game can give you, it’s beyond me as to why anyone would find this sport to be boring. Was this the greatest comeback of this season? Yes. It will also go down as one of the most stressful and possibly important games of the season.

As John Sterling would say, “That’s baseball, Suzyn”.

I want to thank JT Busco for supporting me through this post. Follow him on Twitter if you love baseball.

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