It’s not what you want

The top image pretty much describes the trade deadline for the Yankees. Was it disappointing that the Yankees didn’t add a starter? Yes. Are the Yankees doomed because of it? No. Regardless of what it currently looks like or what fans say, the Yankees were not desperate for pitching. Why? Because with the staff they currently have, the team is in first place for the AL East. The starting rotation pitched great in the month of June and had a bad July. It’s August, things can change for the better. Adding a starter or two was not going to fix the problems each starter has.

Reports have it that the Mets were willing to flip Stroman to the Yankees for Florial, Garcia and others. You don’t pay for something way more than the seller originally paid for. Reports have it that the Diamondbacks wanted Frazier and three prospects for Robbie Ray while the Yankees were willing to give up Frazier and one prospect. Seems like the asking price of a pitcher was ridiculous and not worth giving up so much for.

So where does this leave the Yankees? Well, Severino and Betances seem to be on the right track so far. Stanton, although not doing baseball activities at the moment, will return along with Montgomery and Loaisiga, who is currently doing rehab. If healthy, these guys will no doubt help the team. Yes, it’s a huge risk counting on those guys returning. Yes, it’s not what you wanted but it’s still adding more arms to the bullpen and a bat to the lineup.

I get it, you are mad. You have the right to be. You all thought guys like MadBum, Stroman, Syndergaard, or Bauer would come. You all like to call Cashman a wizard and expected him to use the elder wand to get big name players. The Astros acquired Greinke during the rain delay versus the Yankees and now they look like they are unstoppable. Let’s be real though, if Cashman did pull the trigger and the pitcher didn’t work out for the team, you all would be complaining because he overpaid for what you would view as crap. If the pitchers for the other teams don’t work out, you all would be glad that Cashman didn’t trade for them. The job of a General Manager is never easy and they will never satisfy fans 100 percent.

Continuously talking about how the Yankees passed up on Corbin, Verlander or any other pitcher is in the past. Get over it and move on. Other fan bases have it worse than you. The Red Sox fans, yes Red Sox fans, were told no moves were made because the team wasn’t close enough to first place to justify one. To top that off, he who shall not be named for the sake of any Red Sox fan reading this, tried to make it sound like the current bullpen was so good that teams were calling about them at the deadline. If there are any Red Sox fans that actually believe that despite the many blown games so far this season, props to you, because I don’t think even my dog believes that. The Red Sox are good enough to make it to the postseason but their starting pitching and offense have to do what they did last year. There is plenty of time for them to turn it around but you can’t help but think about the opportunity the GM had to load up the bullpen during the winter and decided to ride with the current bullpen without a closer for fear of passing the third threshold of the luxury tax. Whether you like it or not, teams worry about paying higher taxes and losing draft picks each year because they decided to splurge on players in trying to win a World Series.

The Rays seem to not want to give up yet with the little moves they have done at the deadline. The AL East and wild card standings should be interesting in September. As far as the Astros, Yankees fans shouldn’t worry about them now. The focus now is keeping the division lead.

*Got the photo from twitter. If anyone knows who created the image, please let me know.

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