2019 American League East Champions

Image from @yankees the official Twitter account.

One hundred wins and too many injuries later, the Yankees are the AL East Champs for the 19th time in their franchise history since divisions started in 1969!

Aaron Boone becomes the first manager to win 100 games in his first two seasons and gets to celebrate the team clinching the division for the first time since 2012. The Yankees took first place around May and never looked back. “Next Man Up” was certainly the theme for the season and still, the team is dealing with injuries of Encarnación and Sanchez with hopes that they return in time for October baseball.

Obviously, the job isn’t finished yet. The Yankees still have a chance for the best record in baseball but they can still accomplish that while giving players their much needed rest. This team was determined not to play a wild card game this year and they did it despite all the injuries that occurred. Let’s hope that the injury bug is done playing for the year and lets the team stay healthy for October because it has been annoying.

It’s always fun watching the players celebrate an accomplishment but in the many division clinches I have seen, I think this year is one of the top celebrations that I enjoy. If you told most Yankees fans in April that in September, they will have 100 wins, dominate the defending World Champs and clinch the division with all the injuries they will suffer, they would not have believed you. Then again, most fans didn’t believe the 2017 team was going to end their season one game from entering the World Series for the first time since 2009 and they were proven wrong.

Like Mariano Duncan said during the magical 1998 season, “We play today. We win today. Das it!”.

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