Down 2-1 is not surprising

Link | Cooper Neill/MLB Photos

The Yankees are down in the ALCS 2-1 for many reasons. Severino gave up 2 home runs in 4.1 innings that basically was the difference in the game. Severino hasn’t had ace stuff in the postseason. The Yankees offense couldn’t get the big hit whenever they had men on base going 0 for 6 with runners in scoring position and leaving 9 runners on. Ottavino, Gregorius, Sanchez, Gardner and Encarnación are still struggling. Stanton misses his second game due to the quad strain. Removing Stanton from the roster would be hard because you want his bat in the lineup but if he is injured, there’s nothing he can do if he can’t run the bases pinch-hitting or DHing.

Now that we got the negatives out of the way, let’s talk about any positives that happened. The Yankees offense made Cole work. Many fans complained that they were swinging at the first pitch but the Yankees had a game plan against Cole and stuck with it. They walked 5 times which is a lot against a pitcher like Cole. Although, we knew Cole would be going at least 7 innings regardless, having 9 men on base was a small victory. Severino, who didn’t look good in the first inning, got it together and kept the game at 2-0. Encarnación finally got a hit in the series with a double. Hicks looked good at the plate walking two times. Torres was being Torres with two walks and a home run, which was the only run the Yankees scored. LeMahieu got two hits off of Cole. Lastly, a sneaky surprise is that Tauchman can be an option for the Yankees if they advance to the World Series or decide to remove Stanton from the roster due to injury.

Let’s be honest though. Before this series started, if you told any logical Yankees fan that the Yankees would win Game 1 against Greinke, lose Game 2 against Verlander and lose Game 3 against Cole, they would believe you. This series after Game 3 was expected, by many, to be 2-1 Astros. You just had to hope that the Yankees offense changed that expectation. Any fan that expected the Yankees to destroy Cole is delusional and only fooling themselves. Yankees had to take one of the first two in Houston and they did. There were opportunities for the Yankees to be up 3-0 in the series but it didn’t happen. They still have a chance to beat Verlander or Cole in the series if they extend it that far.

This series isn’t over yet. There are two more games in the Bronx and with the weather not being great, Game 4 may have to be played on Thursday night which eliminates a travel day if needed. Kind of a disadvantage to both teams if the series needs a Game 6. If Game 4 is on Thursday, there is a good chance Tanaka will start for the Yankees and Greinke for the Astros.

It ain’t over ’till it’s over. -Yogi Berra.

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