Thank you LegaCCy

I suck at expressing myself in times where one should be sentimental but here it goes…

Thank you CC. Thank you for the 11 years you have pitched for the Yankees. Watching every game you pitched in this season was bitter sweet because I know number 52 will not be on the mound again starting next year. Like Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter and Mike Mussina, you are another future Hall of Fame player that I have had the pleasure of watching play for the team that I love.

It was heartbreaking having to see your last appearance be walking off the mound with the trainer because your shoulder said enough. Baseball says thank you. Thank you for going until you couldn’t anymore. The season was rough but you did everything you could to be healthy enough to pitch in Game 4 of the ALCS. I cried because we all knew this was it and it wasn’t the way we wanted to see it. I still have to hold back tears thinking about it.

Via @MLB on Twitter

Lastly, thank you for PitCChin. The work you and Amber do brings smiles to faces and touches lives in ways you will probably never know. You two are truly an inspiration.

You will be missed CC and I wish you good luck on your retirement. I look forward to continue to listen to you and Ryan on R2C2 and hope to see you work with the Yankees in the future.

Top photo taken by Girl Loves Baseball

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