Gardy Party is back

The Yankees re-signed Brett Gardner to a one year contract that has a second year option. Not only does Brett fill in the need of a center fielder while Hicks is out, he continues to be the veteran leader that the team needs especially since Sabathia has retired.

It’s obvious that Gardner wants to retire as a Yankee and many fans want him to as well. Questioning it would be a bit silly because he was the player to count on while Hicks, Stanton and Judge were out on injuries. Yes, Mike Tauchman can play the outfield as well and he will probably be used to give Stanton, Judge and Gardner days off. Regardless, the Yankees needed a fourth outfielder that is good in defense and I’m sorry but Frazier isn’t it. Hitting is great but defense is just as important.

When Hicks returns, the Yankees would have to make a decision. Now that the roster will expand to 26 players, maybe it won’t be as hard but for now, the Yankees have their guy to man the outfield while Hicks is out.

Photo taken by Girl Loves Baseball

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