Fiers started

You can’t deny that what Mike Fiers did took a bit of courage. Yes, he benefited from it and got a World Series ring but he also knew coming forward with his name attached would taint the World Series trophy. Whatever his reason for coming forward is, the suspicions have been confirmed and it forced Major League Baseball to take much needed action.

I didn’t have a seperate post about the Astros on purpose. MLB released a nine page report on their investigation and I felt it wasn’t necessary to go through each page and talk about what was being said. In summary, the Astros were punished for using video and trash cans to steal signs illegally in 2017. MLB gave them a $5 million fine, took away two draft picks for the next two seasons (2020-2021), and suspended Jeff Luhnow and A.J. Hinch, for a year. Later in a press conference after the punishment was announced, the owner of the Astros, Jim Crane, announced that Luhnow and Hinch have been fired. The World Series title for the Astros remains with the team but is now tainted with this scandal.

Currently, MLB is investigating the Red Sox for the 2018 regular season. After Hinch lost his job, many assumed Cora would be next. His name is on the report as one of the people who started the whole cheating system for the Astros and was the manager for the Red Sox in 2018. The investigation isn’t over yet but the Red Sox decided it was time to “mutually part ways” from Cora.

The Mets hired Carlos Beltran in November before the news broke about the Astros. He has a good reputation of being able to pick up on when a pitcher is tipping and decoding signs while on second base. Turns out, he was named on the report as one of the people in the group that started the cheating system for the Astros. Beltran got immunity from this because he was a player at the time. He won’t get a chance to manage one game for the Mets this year because they decided the distraction wasn’t worth going forward with him.

Justice right? Not really.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that MLB knew this would happen. They chose to ignore it because they thought it would help speed up the game and more people would watch because it’s exciting. MLB knows the title should be stripped and 2017 should be left with an asterisk. In my opinion, they just want this all to be forgotten by the All-Star break. They don’t want the media and fans to continuously talk about it. They have had complaints about teams cheating (in this case, the Astros) for two years and they sat on it. They have recommended all teams to not discuss about the punishment to the Astros. That right there shows that MLB never really cared about the integrity of the sport. Not that there is very much left.

This isn’t going to end. There is already rumor going around that the Astros hitters were wearing a buzzer underneath their jerseys to know what is coming during the 2019 season. MLB says they didn’t find anything about a wearable device on the hitters during their investigation. This is before the Red Sox investigation is complete and another team is outed for cheating to then start another investigation. There is no way to make this go away. MLB was not thinking about the careers of these players, they were thinking about the amount of money and views they can get each year because it was a young team dominating. Now, MLB has to face their own type of consequence for not stopping this when it was first mentioned. Some players have started to express their opinion.

“Every team does it”. Using that phrase as a way to justify why they broke the rules or to downplay what the Astros did is not the way to go. At the end of the day, the team got caught, needs to take responsibility and accept the consequences moving forward. When the next team is caught, they will have to deal with the same thing.

Image credit: Jamie Squire/Getty Images| Link

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